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TechAgency gives birth to Oakland Group to sustain and develop our unique performance in business data-value creation.

Our journey began when TechAgency started and put into practice our principles, methodologies and platforms enabling companies to achieve better performance from their data assets.

Our experience demonstrates that decision-makers demand combined solutions incorporating data strategy, data exploitation, and data compliance as part of a realistic solution to their data challenges.

Our business is clearly changing and taking a broader direction to reflect this demand. Our inclusive approach to topics, with our customers and partners, has led us not only to identify very specific areas where data processing was essential, but also to perfect innovative and highly effective methodologies and operating procedures.

The success of our 360° view of business data has led us to broaden our vision for each discipline, to create a stronger and more refined value proposition for our clients.

So we have created OAKseeds for Data Strategy, Oakroots for Data Operations and Oakstem for Data Compliance. These new brands reflect the fact that OAKland Group will bring you this holistic expertise on the development and activation of your data-based strategy.

TechAgency continues to exist and remains the place where our ideas are incubated and tested.

We want to provide you with the best possible service.

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