Data Quality

Transform your contact data into golden opportunities

Rely on clear, relevant and up-to-date data to ensure the efficiency of your business !


your relationships

Make your interactions with your contacts more reliable, and ensure the compliance of your relationships with due diligence and fraud detection procedures. Optimize your marketing campaigns, consolidate customer support, control your sales cycles and improve prospecting targeting for increased results.

your network

Create intergenerational links, maintain your contributors, support members in their careers and fly the flag for your organization. Together, you can build a promising future by promoting exchange, financial stability and professional development, and by embodying your values with pride.

your database

Data is only useful if it is secure, compliant and reliable. That’s why we ensure that data confidentiality and protection are taken into account right from the design stage during the vision creation process. Then we activate our RGPD expertise.

How we support you ?

With our OAKSpring Contact solution, we can help you retain and engage your customers, improve your brand image and make the most of your data.

Time saving

Automatic & quick


Test & benchmark data


Reliable & Current


Optimize marketing &

OAKspring Contact: our 3-steps solution

Each step of our solution is devised to allow a quick and simple understanding of
your data and measures to improve data quality. You can then sort data according
to the specific requirements of your institution

Initial Updating and enrichment
Benchmark the first data enrichment results against the initial database quality using data points and visuals to demonstrate improvement

Permanent Feedback
Follow the simple dashboard to monitor the improvement of data quality

Update data on demand
> Define rules around database
> Collect information from social media
> Gap analysis of data available
> Updating the database

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