Because data is much more than we think

At a time when everyone is talking about data, whether from a marketing, technological or regulatory perspective, we believe it is important to have a global vision and to change the paradigm. Data is not an end in itself, but a real raw material to meet the challenges of our world


It’s the story of an awareness…
In Europe, unlike in China and the US, companies did not have an information culture.

And yet, beyond the purely business aspect, it is a societal issue that is at stake, the protection of our cultures and our citizen values.

With this in mind, it has become essential to draw the attention of our companies to what their data assets represent, and more specifically to what their data assets represent. The vital importance of revealing it, controlling it, protecting it and enhancing it…

To transform it into an asset that is inseparable from their know-how.

This is what we have been doing since 2016 by working with our clients, from large accounts to SMEs, and by gathering around the subject an ecosystem of companies, organizations and people of value

OAKland Group was born out of an identified need concerning RGPD compliance of small and even large companies. Also concerning data protection, and data experience.


All this would not be possible without a team of willing and committed people

Fabrice Blanc

Head of Sales, Marketing & Alliances

Sylvie Lissajoux

Head of Services

Philippe Mahieu

Head of Operations & Delivery

Michael Migliori

Head of Architecture

Beatrice Carboni

Head of Admin and HR

James Nauffray


Laurent Marcoz

Head of Data Privacy

Gregoire Guillemin

Head of Brands

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