As part of its digitalisation plan, our client (one of the world leader in temporary work) wanted to set up a widely accessible online recruitment service. This was a major challenge as the service had to be able to address almost 65,000 requests across more than 50 different professions, and integrate a complete identification of multiple skills (hard & soft) into its database. A challenge that we were able to meet thanks to the combination of our expertise and AWS’ infrastructure.

Although the choice naturally called for the implementation of a conversational Bot based on artificial intelligence, the difficulty lay in setting-up an infrastructure able to support real-time interpretation and management of a very large amount of data while maintaining the a high service, quality regardless of the number of simultaneous connections.

Such a service implies a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week availability, with connections and activity peaks during weekends, and daily in the evening and at midday.

Those peak hours do not correspond to our client’s usual working periods, so it was crucial to deploy an exceptionally reliable and resilient infrastructure to minimize the downtime risk.

In order to guarantee the efficiency of the service, we developed a partnership with AWS, which not only provided us with an scalable, reliable, and secure infrastructure whose capacity could be increased or decreased without side effects, but which also met the important requirement  respecting GDPR directives in having the data hosted in Europe.

Today, we are proud of the result – applicants are delighted with the intuitive and personalised access to job offers and our client is reaping the benefits from an efficient and attractive management of the offers.

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